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Pain Management Group Receives 'Spirit Award' from The Partnership for Excellence
Since Pain Management Group began in 2009, we have focused our organizational efforts on developing our expertise to be a resourceful, efficient, and valuable partner to hospitals and
Thank You For Paying It Forward
To make a conscious effort in our communities to be a positive impact and convey our message of intentional service, PMG
PMG Helping in Houston
Earlier in November, PMG sent a team of internal employees to help with Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston, Texas. It was an amazing time serving together, and the experience definitely instilled a deeper sense of gratitude for the things we often take for granted. Our team volunteered with a non-profit called All Hands & Hearts. All Hands & Hearts
St. Vincent Charity Establishes Pain Management Clinic To Provide Balanced Treatment for Pain
(OCTOBER 31, 2017) — In a comprehensive effort to improve patient overall health and quality of life, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center has partnered with Pain Management Group to open a new center offering a balanced treatment plan to address chronic and acute pain. “Living with pain not only affects a patient’s immediate health, but often has lasting impact on a patient’s overall physical and mental well-being, their