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Putnam County Pain Management Center coming to Greencastle community

Date: May 1, 2015

GREENCASTLE– Pain Management Group (PMG) and Putnam County Hospital announce a partnership to launch Putnam County Pain Management Center. The program will open its doors on May 30 and is currently accepting referrals. Pain specialist Danielle Turnak, MD will diagnose and care for patients with a balanced treatment plan. She will see patients locally at Putnam County Hospital.

A balanced pain treatment program will allow patients to regain everyday activities and a return to a life that is not controlled by pain. Care plans incorporate the tailored use of medication management, minimally invasive interventional procedures and referral to other ancillary services like physical therapy.

Dr. Turnak was fellowship trained in adult and pediatric pain at Indiana University Medical Center and is board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine. She has been practicing pain medicine in Central Indiana since 1999.

PMG is thrilled to partner with Putnam County Hospital to bring high quality pain treatment to the Greencastle community.

“We believe balanced pain treatment is becoming more and more important in Indiana,” says PMG CEO John Bookmyer. “PMG is not alone in believing that everyone holds some responsibility for the prescription abuse epidemic in the United States.”

Putnam County Pain Management will seek to engage with local mental health services, educators, families and law enforcement to rally the community together to keep patients safe and accountable for their care.

For more information about the program or to request a community education event, call Putnam County Pain Management Center at 658-2706.

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