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A responsive team

Date: October 23, 2014

A balanced program isn’t worth much without the follow-through. Pain Management Group is a team of over 20 driven and talented individuals who focus solely on continually improving pain management programs.

Our goal is to anticipate the needs of our partner programs and offer solutions. PMG partners have a full team of experts at hand to keep the program healthy and stage it for growth.

Each center is led by a PMG Regional Director of Operations that acts as the permanent liaison between the program, our partner hospital leadership and PMG resources. RDOs are on site regularly– leading staff, observing operations and problem solving.

Many of our team members have worked within our model of pain management. Clinical Operations Specialists visit centers on a rotational basis to observe and coach the staff in greater efficiency and compassionate patient care based on their experience.

Using our original real-time statistic and quality tracking platform, several team members are monitoring each program’s performance on a daily basis. Our group uses this tool to show our partners exactly how the program is operating and to reveal opportunities for growth.

Our physician development group builds a foundation for the provider’s success. After recruitment, PMG carries the provider through hospital privileging and insurance credentialing.

The PMG implementation group specializes in the preparation and takeoff of new centers. This group works alongside hospital staff to organize resources, train staff, and educate the community about the new program.

Pain Management Group also regularly provides support to analyze finances, develop IT solutions, create marketing campaigns, and monitor state and federal legislation regarding pain management. We’re always pursuing other areas we can mold our services to fit our partners needs.

If you believe your hospital would be a good fit with our team, let us know!

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