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Balanced pain management coming to Blytheville, Ark. community

Date: October 13, 2014

Mississippi County Hospital System and Pain Management Group (PMG) are partnering to launch a balanced pain treatment program at Great River Medical Center.

Great River Pain Management Center opened its doors on October 8 and currently accepting referrals for patients experiencing all types of acute and chronic pain.

The center is staffed by Howard Bromley, MD, a board certified pain specialist. Dr. Bromley assumes primary care for the patient’s pain diagnosis. He tailors a unique treatment program that focuses on increasing patient mobility. The program may include minimally invasive interventional procedures, medication management and referral for other treatment like physical therapy.

Dr. Bromley performs interventional procedures locally at the hospital, including epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, selective nerve root blocks and radiofrequency ablations.

The center’s location at Great River Medical center allows patients to receive high quality pain treatment without traveling far from home.

“It’s clear that the Blytheville is a hardworking community, and PMG is thrilled to play a part in keeping them healthy,” says PMG CEO John Bookmyer. “Great River Pain Management’s goal is to get people back to work and back to their everyday life.”

PMG has partnered with hospitals all over the Midwest to develop high-quality pain management programs in over 30 communities. By offering a physician-directed, multi-modal approach to pain, PMG’s balanced pain management centers combat the impact of so-called “pill mills” and inappropriate pain management practices. To learn more about PMG, visit

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