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What is balanced pain management?
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We are a leading provider of balanced, high quality, hospital-based, pain management centers.

A balanced approach to pain management includes the tailored use of medication, physical therapy and interventional procedures to treat acute and chronic pain. It aims to increase patient function as well as decrease levels of pain.
The PMG model fits seamlessly into community hospitals. Our relationship with the hospitals allows for expansion of quality care within the community and we quickly become a valuable service line to patients and physicians.
High Quality
The PMG model empowers patients to be accountable for their care and keeps them local. We implement robust quality metrics related to procedure outcomes, patient satisfaction, pain control, and patient accountability.
Pain Management Group (PMG) is a leading provider of balanced, quality, hospital-based pain management centers. PMG specializes in joint venture partnerships with hospitals to develop and operate pain management facilities that provide patients with the highest level of health care.
Our diversely talented team works closely with partnering hospitals to organize pain as a service line and maximize hospital resources and services. PMG contracted physicians work with hospital clinical staff in a program that strengthens communities by helping patients return to work and a life uninhibited by pain.