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PMG Helping In Houston

December 7, 2017

Earlier in November, PMG sent a team of internal employees to help with Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston, Texas.

It was an amazing time serving together, and the experience definitely instilled a deeper sense of gratitude for the things we often take for granted.

Our team volunteered with a non-profit called All Hands & Hearts. All Hands & Hearts commits to staying two full years on the ground cleaning, sanitizing, and rebuilding locations impacted by natural disasters around the world. We would highly recommend checking out opportunities with them if you are ever looking for an organization to volunteer with.

Our group of 8 worked with two All Hands team leaders at an apartment complex that experienced 10 feet of flooding. Our volunteer coordinator told us the landlord was rescuing people on an air mattress. These units were in bad shape, and sadly enough there are still families living in some of them who have no place else to go. We spent our time primarily tearing down ceilings, flooring, and walls, removing nails, and cleaning up insulation.

It was a privilege to spend a few days outside our normal routines to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. There’s still much work to be done! Many families will experience a different holiday season this year, and as we approach a season of gratitude and giving, we encourage you all to consider how you can help those still in need.

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