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Thank You For Paying It Forward

January 16, 2018

To make a conscious effort in our communities to be a positive impact and convey our message of intentional service, PMG provided $10 cash to each PMG internal employee, partner center staff member, and provider to perform a random act of kindness on the same day. The cash was accompanied by a card branded to PMG and the partner hospital, pending hospital approval of the campaign.

With our partners help, over 225 random acts of kindness were done on December 6th to spread the word about our dedication to serving through our work together.

Here are some ways our partners and team helped make someone else’s day a little brighter!

“I paid it forward to this cute little lady…bought her Subway dinner. She was so very excited!” – FTMC Pain Management Center (Norwalk, Ohio)

Staff members at the CHWC Pain Management Clinic in Bryan, Ohio…

– Donated to the Humane Society

– Donated towards purchasing movies for the troops

– Left the cash in addition to what they would normally leave for a tip at a restaurant

– Purchased colored pencils for a child who needed them


Internal PMG employees…

– Added to the amount given and went to Walmart to contribute $100 to someone’s lay-away. “We randomly selected items that appeared to have young children toys, and the account we chose to cover came out to be $101.73!”

– Left money at a gas pump with the cards

– Donated to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, only to find out later that December 6th was Double Donation Day for them. The amount donated was doubled by Big Lots and to purchase 160 meals.

– Left a plate of cookies with the Pay It Forward card at a local coffee shop whose profits are all donated to charity.

– Left the money on the breakfast table of hotel for the person working the breakfast

– Contributed the money to the Toys For Tots drive at Panera

– Two team members teamed up and donated $50 to a random Christmas lay-away at a local Walmart

– Paid for two cars behind at a McDonalds drive through

– Left the money as an added tip at a restaurant

– Used the money to help a man whose car broke down on the side of the road. Bought him the auto parts needed and helped him replace the pieces.

– Contributed to a church food pantry

– Paid for the next person in line at Starbucks


Staff members at the Center for Pain Management at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio…

– Gave the money to a mother and her three children at a Walmart Subway

– Gave the money to a lady pumping gas. She said it should go to someone who needed it more, so I told her she could “pay it forward” again if she wanted!

– Gave the money to a mother and her two children buying groceries at Walmart. I chipped in a bit more so their entire bill could be paid.

– Gave the money to a father going into Save-A-Lot with his two daughters. The gentleman expressed his thanks and proceeded share that he was raised with the help of Ronald McDonald House because of a childhood illness.

“On behalf of the Bellevue Hospital and Pain Management Group we would like to pay it forward to the people that matter most. For me that means the men and women who protect us every day, which is you. Please accept this from all of us at the Bellevue Pain Clinic and Merry Christmas.” – Bellevue Pain Management Center (Bellevue, Ohio)

Paulding Pain Management Center Staff in Paulding, Ohio…

– Donated to the Paulding County Hospital Foundation. The Foundation gives scholarships to area graduates who majored in healthcare and now give back to the county.

Staff members at the Hocking Valley Pain Management Center in Logan, Ohio…

– $30 went to a little boy in our school district who is battling cancer. It went to a fund to help the family with expenses.

– $30 went to a fund for teachers to buy supplies for the classroom.

– $10 went to Kid Again, a group for kids with life threatening chronic illnesses – they take the kids on fun adventures.

– $10 went to a person struggling to pay for Christmas for their family.

– $10 went to buy a baby doll for a child whose family is having financial problems.

Thank you for taking a few extra minutes out of your day to help someone else.

“Great Idea PMG!!!! Happy Holidays!”

“Great idea! I truly enjoyed blessing others with that money. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you again for arranging such an impactful organizational wide movement, and I look forward to hearing how others spent their $10!”

“Thank you for organizing this, what a wonderful idea!”

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